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Sunday Painter is a weekly gathering taking place in and around the city of Great Falls, Montana. Great Falls,  the home of famed American artist Charles Marion Russell is a cultural destination that celebrates the power of visual storytelling through western art.

Montana has more artists per capita than any other state in the union and the city of Great Falls is the epicenter of it's creativity hosting “Western Art Week” with more than 17 shows where 750+ accomplished artists come to share their works each year.

No matter where you are in your artistic development, there is no substitute for easel mileage. So get your numbers in while in the company of supportive friends?

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SUNDAYS ARE FOR MAKING ART - Sunday Painter is a gathering of artists interested in the tradition of drawing and painting directly from life.

During the spring and summer seasons, we select sites within Montana that provide painters with beautiful farmlands, mountain ranges, waterways, forests, open spaces, and some historic destinations. Locations may include urban or rural settings, local attractions, hiking to scenic spots, artist camp-outs, day trips and regional art tourism with an emphasis on celebrating the American landscape, and historic themes.

During the fall and winter seasons, we hold indoor art workshops for figure drawing and figure painting. Develop the visual communication skills necessary to express your artistic voice. 
But we're not just fair-weather painters...

Fall and winter, Sunday Painter meets indoors for Sunday afternoon figure drawing and painting workshops. 

Great Falls Public Library has generously provided Sunday Painter the large conference room on the basement level.

Sunday Painters enjoy the camaraderie, support and safety of painting together. Combine your love for the outdoors with art! Paint "Alla Prima" (completed in a single session). The resulting art and experience are completely different from art made from photos alone in a studio. Don't paint from your iPad when you can paint from life!

All are Welcome

Friends don't let friends paint alone. Meet up with old friends and make new ones! Network with like-minded people who share your interest in art. Join us and become a “Sunday Painter” too!

With Sunday Painter there is: No Agenda, No Pressure, No Competition, No Criticism, No Show or Exhibition. There's just the support of friends. Sunday Painter welcomes ALL artists of ALL levels!

Learn more about FREE MEMBERSHIP.

  • FREE Paint-Outs and Workshops
    Sunday Painter holds regular FREE paint-outs in and around the Great Falls area. There are no fees for these events. However, donations are greatly appreciated as they help to offset the cost of organizing such gatherings.

    Sunday Painter also holds special PREMIUM (admission fee required) paint-outs and workshops where a per-person admission fee is charged to cover the activity, venue admissions, room rental, model fees, etc. Admission costs will be announced with the event, when required.

There is no cost to attend non-member Sunday Painter gatherings.

Are you a painter who would like to join a group of like-minded artists? 

Can you imagine plein-air painting as a next step in your personal development?

Membership to Sunday Painter is open to any artist interested. Everyone is welcome to join! There is no fee to join. Members just need to have a desire to paint or draw and enjoy interacting with fellow artists.

Sunday Painters have a great time at our events and painting outdoors is a special treat. We take pictures of everyone and add them to our webpages to share how the paint out went and to see everyone's progress. 


  • Weekly paint-outs (or paint-ins)
  • Guest lectures and demos series highlighting artist’s process and perspective.
  •  Our events build upon Montana’s rich art heritage and tradition. Outdoor painting puts an emphasis on preservation of wilderness areas for future Montanans to enjoy.

  • Retreats and regional paint-outs give artists the opportunity to capture and preserve the Big Sky Country through artistic expression.
  • The best chances to learn come from the many paint-outs Sunday Painter hosts regularly.
  • Paint-outs give artists opportunities to paint on scenic private lands, or in locations that they might not have otherwise known about. 

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