Founded and organized by Dwight Cushman www.cushmanfineart.com  Sunday Painter is a gathering of artists who enjoy the tradition of drawing and painting directly from life. All are welcome. Enjoy an environment with No Pressure, No Competition, No Show or Exhibition.
Meet up with old friends and make new ones! Network with like-minded people who share your interest in the art of drawing and painting.  Enjoy the camaraderie, support, and safety of painting with others.


No matter where you are in your artistic development, there is no substitute for easel mileage. The best opportunity to improve comes from regularly attending paint-outs. Develop and maintain visual communication skills to express your artistic voice. Paint-outs provide artists with opportunities to practice their skill, in locations that they might not have otherwise visited. 


Combine your love for the outdoors with art!  Paint "Alla Prima" (completed in a single session). The resulting art and experience are completely different from art made from photos in isolation. Why paint from an iPad when you can paint from life? Get out and be a part of the world and have a great time painting outdoors.


During the spring and summer seasons, we paint outdoors at sites that provide painters with interesting subject matter. Examples of locations include farmlands, mountain ranges, captivating waterways, state parks, forests, open spaces, and historic destinations. Locations may also include urban settings, local attractions, hiking to scenic spots, artist camp-outs, day trips and regional art tourism with an emphasis on celebrating the American West.


Winter Paint outs/Workshops over the fall and winter seasons take place indoors with costumed figure drawing / painting.