Sunday Painter's vision is to build a trusted resource for painters to go out and make art together, wherever they may be.

 Statement of Purpose
  • To promote lifelong learning in the fields of painting and drawing referred to as traditional and representational art.

  • To produce and advance art programs and exhibitions that foster appreciation of traditional, representational, narrative western art. 

  • To furnish educational opportunities for the benefit of artists and for the cultural enrichment of the community.
  • To promote traditional drawing and painting.

  • To support and promote Montana history and heritage by providing regional painting events, lectures, and informative publications.

  • To encourage a sense of camaraderie for fellow artists and the art community.

  • To be an informational resource for artists.

  • To educate on the high merits of traditional, narrative, representational fine art.

  • To reach a broader audience and expand membership by offering a wide variety of artistic activities to get involved in.

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