Considering becoming a member?

Do you want to push your artistic craft to the next level? Whether you are ready to make a long-term commitment, or just need a little guidance now and then, Sunday Painter is here to help.

Sunday Painter offers members fundamental visual communication training to those with an interest in representational art. Learn to draw and paint around your busy schedule, with supportive, knowledgeable direction.

Sunday Painter provides members with opportunities for learning and collaboration. Attend lectures, discussions, and get inspired by your classmates. It's a space to work, receive instruction, share and discover while indoors under controlled lighting situation.

Artistic progress comes from time drawing and painting. Working from life develops skills that help you better communicate ideas visually.

To help you achieve higher levels of artistic mastery, you'll need:
  • Dedication
  • Time
  • Coaching

Get straightforward direction to help you achieve your individual goals. Local membership only programs include:
  • Regular weekly evening and weekend courses
  • One-day and multi-session workshops
  • Special Event workshops hosted by recognized artists
Instructors spark your inspiration, share expertise, and provide students with a clear perspective on how to become proficient in the discipline of drawing and painting.

Sunday Painter aims to facilitate your artistic growth by providing a consistent schedule of art making gatherings to help sharpen your drawing and painting skills with:

• Individual Assignments—Tailored assignments to fit your personal interests are included to support your development. Review work and gain insights face-to-face with your mentor. This dedicated time is for you to obtain direction to accelerate your growth.

• Flexible Attendance— Attend around your busy schedule. We support you to develop your craft at your own pace.

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