Effective Immediately:

We are sad to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances Sunday Painter will no longer be able to host weekly Sunday art gatherings.

We want to thank you all very much for your kindness, friendship and inspiration. Over the last 11 months Sunday Painter hosted 44 gatherings with more than 27 individual models who posed for artists, and a total of 12+ businesses who contributed to help make the events special, fun and unique.

For fear of leaving anyone out, and in place of individual names, please allow us to aim our thanks to the generosity of the Great Falls Public Library for generously allowing Sunday Painter to use their Cordingly Room for indoor figure drawing/painting events through last fall/winter and to the CM Russell Museum for use of their north parking lot to gather for outdoor paint-outs over this past spring/summer. We also want to thank the Great Falls Tribune for announcing Sunday Painter's events each week and KGPR for valuable air time.

It is our hope that the friendships and artistic skill cultivated at Sunday Painter will continue far into the future and that with so much local beauty, we will see more Great Falls artists pursuing the discipline of regularly drawing and painting directly from life.

Although weekly Sunday Painter gatherings will no longer be arranged by us, we look forward to joining you in making art out in the field from time to time. 

Thank you all very much for your kindness and friendship over this past year.
Best Regards,

Dwight, Jane and Hazel Cushman

Sunday Painter is a program designed to fit the busy schedule of working adults interested in the practice of drawing and painting as recreation. 


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  • All skill sets are welcome.
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  • All skill sets are welcome.
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